My Education

In October 1995 I started my studies in Geography at the Universit of Hannover, Germany. After having finished my re-diploma (Vordiplom, BSc) on 16.07.1997 I continued studying Physical Geography and Landscape Ecology with the subsidiary study subjects Soil Sciences, Landscape Planning, and Geology. The study finished with my diploma thesis "Landscape ecological founded 'Leitbild' for multifunctional landscapes – The example Pongau in Salzburg state" and the final exam on 23.01.2001.

From October 2001 to July 2006 I continued studying doing a PhD in Geoinformatics besides working at Z_GIS and finishing witih my publication based PhD thesis on "The Leitbild concept: A holistic transdisciplinary approach for landscape planning".

Since March 2014 I got an assistant professorship position with a performance agreement.This performance agreement includes professional management and high school didactics courses, which I finished in Februry 2015. Finally, the habilitation thesis on 'Automated Geosynthesis' is going to be submitted soon.